As a service to our vibrant Fulbright community and in keeping with the Fulbright mission of peace and understanding among diverse cultures, Kansas City Chapter broadcasts the life-changing stories of Kansas and Missouri Visiting Fulbrighters to a community of internationally engaged individuals via its Fulbright Forums.

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Makhprat  Abdullaeva (top left) from Uzbekistan and hosted at Pittsburg State University is a senior teacher in Education/School Management at National Research Institute in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. She was awarded a Fulbright Scholar in Residence in 2022. While at Pittsburg State University in Kansas, she conducted research on Human Resource Management, specifically, strategies for improving school principals’ leadership skills. She participated in Human Resource Development and Research Methodology courses; explored scientific articles, books and other resources related to her research interests. Broadly, Abdullaeva’s research interests revolve around the factors that influence school education management and defining effective strategies that help to improve the efficacy of educational leadership skills.

About Abdullaeva’s presentation: ‘School Principal as a Leader.’ Abdullaeva will share the methodologies and results of the research conducted during her Fulbright Scholar Residency in 2022. The role of the school principal as leader and the quality of education is a priority as education plays a crucial role in preparing future generations for a good quality of life, and education is vital to the development of Uzbekistan.

Pieter Hailombe (top right) from Namibia and hosted at University of Missouri at Columbia is a Visiting Fulbright Student from Namibia pursuing a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering (focusing on water and wastewater treatment) at the University of Missouri at Columbia. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, with honors, from the University of Namibia. He has several years of work experience in the building consulting field. He is passionate about water quality, air quality, and sustainability of the environment.

About Hailombe’s presentation: ‘My Fulbright Experience.’ Hailombe’s presentation will give a brief overview of the project that he’s been involved with, the skills he has acquired, and the ways he has been involved in the Columbia, Missouri, community.

Yi-Chun Pan (bottom left) from Taiwan and hosted at Drury University is a Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant at Drury University in Missouri. She holds a Master’s degree in TESOL from the University of Leeds, UK. In Taiwan, Yi-Chun has taught English and Mandarin to young learners for over eight years and is passionate about international languages and cultures.

About Pan’s presentation: ‘Culture Teaching in the U.S.‘ Pan will discuss her U.S. cultural teaching experience. She will talk about the role of small-scale cultural activities in the classroom and/or community and how these activities increase cultural awareness for college students. Her hope is that her reflections and suggestions gained from these experiences can serve as a reference for future Fulbright Foreigh Language Teaching Assistants.

Yesica Chazarreta (bottom right) from Argentina and hosted at Kansas State University is a Ph.D. candidate in Agricultural Science at the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and a Teaching Assistant in Crop Science at the National University of Buenos Aires Northwest. She is a 2022-23 Visiting Fulbright conducting research in the Department of Agronomy at Kansas State University. Her research is focused on analyzing changes in corn management practices, mostly related to the delay in the planting date, and the development of models to predict corn harvests for farmers.

About Chazarreta’s presentation: ‘Exploring Maize Late Planting Dates in Argentina‘ Chazarreta will describe the recent changes in corn production in Argentina, particularly related to the massive adoption of late planting dates by farmers and the development of a model to predict harvest dates in maize.

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This event is moderated by Alexi Butts and Adrienne DeVine.

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