A service to our vibrant Fulbright community and in keeping with the Fulbright mission of peace and understanding among diverse cultures, Kansas City Chapter broadcasts the life-changing stories of Kansas and Missouri Fulbrighters who are currently abroad on their Fulbright grant to a community of internationally engaged individuals via its Grantees in the Field forums.

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Daniel O’Connell of Saint Louis University (MO) reports from Colombia.

About O’Connell’s presentation: ‘Educating and Learning in Colombia.’ O’Connell will discuss his expectations about Fulbright and Colombia coming into the program, followed by whether and how his expectations have changed since being in Colombia for nine months. He will talk about some of the amazing benefits of being awarded a Fulbright grant as well as challenges he has encountered along the way. The focus of O’Connell’s presentation is in relation to his intended career as a psychologist.

Emma Pauer of Saint Louis University (MO) reports from Mexico.

About Pauer’s presentation: ‘The Non-traditional Fulbrighter.’ Pauer’s presentation highlights her journey in choosing to apply for a Fulbright grant, and how she believes it has helped her on her path to becoming a physician. She will also discuss her current experiences in Mexico.

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This event is moderated by Adrienne DeVine and Alexi Butts.

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