Fulbright Association Kansas City Chapter

To join the Kansas City Chapter, first log-in to your Fulbright Association (FA) account and ensure that your membership is current, and that your contact information is correct. If your membership information is correct, and you have been a FA member for more than six months, you don’t need to complete the Kansas City Chapter registration below.

If you are a FA member and your contact information is not correct on the FA site, please correct it there, then return to this page and Update Your Profile below.

If your FA is expired or you have never been a member, please go to the FA site and join or renew, then return to this page to register with the Kansas City Chapter.

In the bottom field of the form, let us know the of the types of events or programs you are interested in! We can’t promise that the Chapter will be able to meet the preferences of every member, but we strive to present robust events and programs. For those who are not required to complete this form, just shoot us an email. Put “Event and Program Interests” in the subject line: kansascity@fulbright.org.


That’s it! Welcome to the fold!!!